Kryolan Dermacolor Light Спирала DCL
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Спирала DCL

Спирала DCL

Код: 70353


Dermacolor Light Mascara has three unique features:

•Dermacolor Light Mascara is waterproof due to its unique formula
•Dermacolor Light Mascara gives a perfect shape to the eyelashes
•Dermacolor Light Mascara does not let the eyelashes stick together
The formula of Dermacolor Light Mascara with special ingredients such as Panthenol, Vitamin E, Vitamin E-Acetat, Allantoin makes the product so unique.

Dermacolor Light Mascara can be gently removed with the Eye Make-up Remover from Kryolan.

Dermacolor Light Mascara is available in the following colors:

Blue, Brown, Black
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